[Performances] Beast takes their first win on Music Bank!

Looks like 2NE1’s winning streak is finally over. The boys of Beast won last night and by the look on their face they were not very hopeful in this competition! lol Congrats Boys~

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[MV] Oh Jong Hyuk – Heart Is Beating

Source: BestofasianTV
Genre: Ballad

[Performances] 2NE1 AGAIN wins on Mcountdown

The girls are completely unstoppable and even Beast & Se7en combined could not hold them down! Just as their song says “Can’t nobody can’t nobody hold us down” they meant it.

Please Note: If you are having trouble loading youtubes after watching a few, refresh!

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[News] K & Oh Jong Hyuk to enlist in army

Korean singers Oh Jong Hyuk and K are set to enlist in the army before the end of 2010. Recently Oh Jong Hyuk released his latest single, Heart Skips A Beat and has been performing on several of the performance shows in Korea. This and a few others are  said to be his last activities before leaving. However I am crushed that it is K’s turn to enlist in the army as well. Born in Korea, K became famous in Japan, especially with his song Only Human, which was used for the Japanese drama Litre No Namida. We wish the two of them the best of luck and safe return home to their families.<3

K- Smile

[Performances] Music Core

BoA- Copy&Paste

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[Performances] 2NE1 Wins on Music Bank

I’ve lost count how many times 2NE1’s won the performance shows honestly since they had their comeback stage. It seems like everytime they set foot out there people go crazy. Including me lol Enjoy~

NOTE: if you have trouble watching the performances, refresh.

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