[MV] Se7en – Somebody Else

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[Remixes] 6 releases!

[MasaMixes Mashup] 2010 Part 2 (60 songs in one!)
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[News] Lucero plagiarizes 2NE1 & Se7en

“Known Mexican singer and actress, Lucero, gets criticized in her own country for apparently copying 2NE1. Lucero, considered one of the most successful Mexican entertainers and known by most    in the Hispanic community, was recently under fire by Spanish speaking media for plagerizing the space verseion of 2NE1’s Fire on her music video for her latest song, Indispensable.”

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[Performances] 2PM Wins on Music Bank

For everyone who has been sad that we have stopped posting the performance shows, I am hoping to be back at them by next week once I am settled into my new apartment. I am sorry for missing so many but Music Bank last night was wonderful! As you already know, 2PM took the win and also SNSD took their comeback stage. YG Entertainment has also been teasing 2NE1’s comeback through posters and the girls are said to make their follow up comeback on Halloween!

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[Performances] 2NE1 & SHINee Win on Inkigayo

Due to Inkigayo being canceled last week, there were two winners last night. 2NE1 was set to win last week so inkigayo did a special excerpt to award them. However, SHINee is the winner this week for the first time for their song Hello<3 Unfortuately 2NE1’s winning cut has been deleted but Shinee’s was still avaliable!

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[Performances] Key, Taemin, & Min MC on Music Core

BoA- Copy & Paste

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[Performances] Beast wins on MCountdown + Special Treat

So my normal source for the performance shows did not post MCountdown yesterday however Allkpop did so without further delay- Enjoy~

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[Performances] Dara & Minzy MC on Music Core!

The girls definitely bring a unique trait to Music Core, making the show much more live and entertaining!

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[Performances] Beast takes their first win on Music Bank!

Looks like 2NE1’s winning streak is finally over. The boys of Beast won last night and by the look on their face they were not very hopeful in this competition! lol Congrats Boys~

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[Performances] 2NE1 Wins 4th Crown MCountdown!

For four straight weeks 2NE1 has won every crown on all the performance shows including MCountdown, Music Bank, and Inkigayo. They won their 4th crown on MCoundown last night and are completely unstoppable!<3<3<3

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