[MV] Secret – Madonna (Japanese Ver)

Secret is making their explosive Japanese debut with Madonna!

It sounds incredibly different. Not the words, but there’s less instrument and more voice, maybe less autotune also?

[Performances] Seungri Wins On Inkigayo

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[Performances] Last Night On Music Core

Lee Jung – Lets Dance
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[HD Perfromances] Secret Wins on Music Bank

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[Performances] Seungri Wins On MCountdown

Apologize for the lateness for this post, the poll is ending shortly and all of us have so much to do lol. Apparently Seungri could not be there for the winning announcement, however they still played a segment of his encore performance.

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[DJ Yigytrugd Mashup] Secret vs. Jason Derulo – Shy Solo

Source: thisisdjyigytrudg

[HD Perfromances] Seungri Wins On Inkigayo

I’m thinking youtube is broken…… its never alerting me when people post stuff sometimes so I would like to thank Bump This for finding this!

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[HD Performances] Last Night On Music Core

HD One Way – Rainy Days

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[MasaMashup] TVXQ Vs. Secret – Why Shy Boy?

LOL zero comments but omg Masa knows how to change up sound.

Source: mmixes

[Performances] TVXQ Wins On Inkigayo

Every perfromance last night was amazing and there are so many good artists in the line up today especially some unexpected ones like GD&TOP and One Way. Be sure to watch!

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