[MV] SPYAIR – My World

Of course my post in half a year would have to be from the best, SPYAIR <3

Brand new music video just uploaded on the net, from their upcoming single “My World” (hits shelves on March 1!).

“My World” (Can dailymotion not be embedded anymore???)

[Full PV] SPYAIR – Beautiful Days


[2min MV] SPYAIR – Beautiful Days


[TV Size] SPYAIR – Beautiful Days

[Update] SPYAIR – Beautiful Days

Track list and single cover have been released for SPYAIR’s upcoming ballad Beautiful Days!

Track List:
1. Beautiful Days
3. Emotional Discord -Live Version-

[Single] SPYAIR – Beautiful Days

Sexy on-the-rise rock band SPYAIR is already bouncing back with a new single! Beautiful Days will be their first ballad single (medium-paced ballad to be exact) and will hit shelves on August 24, 2011! The track will be the theme song to the upcoming Japanese drama Don★Quixote. 

The band commented on their new song: “I think there are more difficult and painful moments in life than happy moments. But instead of always thinking about unpleasant things, if you think of ways to become happy and keep on walking, you will surely be able to encounter your wonderful self and the world. That is the message I included in the song.

Track List:
1. Beautiful Days
3. Emotional Discord -Live Version-

[MV] SPYAIR – Samurai Heart -Some Like it Hot!!-

Music video for SPYAIR’s hoooot single is finally out!

I think SPYAIR is going to be like One OK Rock where every single they release will be better than the previous~~

Source: JPopAsia

[Jacket Cover] SPYAIR – Samurai Heart -Some Like It Hot!!-

SPYAIR released the cover to their upcoming hot single “Samurai Heart ~Some like it hot!!~” (Did anyone notice that Samurai Heart and Some Like it Hot are kinda the same thing when you say it with a Japanese accent…)

[TV Size] SPYAIR & Serial TV Drama for GINTAMA

Serial TV Drama – “Tougenkyou Alien”

… I hear Joe Inoue…


SPYAIR – “Samurai Heart ~Some Like It Hot!!~

[Preview] SPYAIR – Samurai Heart ~Some like it Hot!!~

Let us all fangirl! SPYAIR released the preview to their upcoming song Samurai Heart ~Some Like it Hot!!~ which will be the new ending to the hot anime series GINTAMA! <3Oh yes, they also announced the release date: June 8, 2011!

It has not been youtube’d yet, but you can follow this link and jam out there! Now, I shall rape the play button over and over ^0^

Stay tune for Monday when the show comes back on air!