[Performances] Dara & Minzy MC on Music Core!

The girls definitely bring a unique trait to Music Core, making the show much more live and entertaining!

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[Performances] 2NE1 wins Music Bank for the third consecutive time!

I lost count how many times 2NE1 has won. I’m actually now at the point where i dont even have to look it up. I can just assume they won and be fine lol

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[MV] SunMin – Rainbow Bridge

SunMin, who had performaned on MCountdown last night, recently released her MV for her song Rainbow Bridge. Enjoy!

Source: BestofAsianTV
Genre: Ballad

[Performances] 2NE1 AGAIN wins on Mcountdown

The girls are completely unstoppable and even Beast & Se7en combined could not hold them down! Just as their song says “Can’t nobody can’t nobody hold us down” they meant it.

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