[Single] The One & KCM – I Love You More Than Anyone

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[Performances] Seungri Wins On MCountdown

Apologize for the lateness for this post, the poll is ending shortly and all of us have so much to do lol. Apparently Seungri could not be there for the winning announcement, however they still played a segment of his encore performance.

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[MV] The One – 천국을 걷다

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Genre: Ballad

[Album] The One – 4th Pt1…다시 걷는다

The entire album is still not on youtube however, the MV is expected to release soon! Check back for more soon!

1. Do It For You (Feat. 공형진, 수호, 고우리 Of Rainbow)
2. 천국을 걷다 – Title Song
3. 별처럼 (Duet With 태연 Of 소녀시대)
4. 그만해
5. 다시 사랑하기
6. 그랬음 좋겠다
7. 그곳에 그대가 (For J-Han)
8. 천국을 걷다 (Inst.)
9. 별처럼 (Inst.)
10. Do It For You (Radio Edit) (Feat. 공형진, 수호, 고우리 Of Rainbow)

Source: Fredoommk
Genre: Ballad

[Teaser] The One – 천국을 걷다

4th Album 다시 걷는다

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[MV] Taeyeon(SNSD) & The One – Like a Star

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Genre: Ballad
Rating: ***

[Teaser] The One & Taeyeon(SNSD) – Like A Star

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Genre: Ballad

[Single] Teayeon(SNSD) & The One – Like A Star

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Genre: Ballad
Rating: **