[15 Japan Releases] February 16, 2011 – Part 1

Alright, try this again. I kept losing track of my days. @o@ Not to mention the posts are not getting the hits I want. If this week doesn’t get a good hit count then I’ll discontinue it; this type of post takes about a couple of hours to get together.

So let’s get down to business. Got a very nice list of releases coming out this Wednesday from artists like One OK Rock, BACK-ON, AKB48, and a few other very notable musicians, plus a slew of up-coming musicians. This week’s gonna be some serious competition for top spots on the charts. :)

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[MV] Kohei Japan – Kirai ni Narenai feat Sara Mary

*EDIT – Turns out there’s another music video that released off the album*

Hip hop artist Kohei Japan is releasing his first collaboration album on March 2, 2011. K.J. with… features artists like Tiara, Mihiro, Sara Mary, MAY’S, JAY’ED, and Tia.

Track List:
01 あの頃に戻れない with MAY’S
02 君がいた冬 with Tiara
03 キライになれない with Sara Mary マリー “アンクルージュ” コラボ・ソング
04 友達なの…? with YU-A
05 ブランニューデイ with TIA
06 指輪~You are my life~ with MIHIRO~マイロ~ (Love Version)
07 愛してました、切ないくらい…。 with Lisa Halim & JAY’ED
08 あの頃に戻れない with MAY’S (Snow Ring Version) (Bonus Track)

キライになれない with Sara Mary

友達なの…? (Chikazuki Taku Te) with YU-A