[Remix] K-POP Till the World Ends

This is too aewsome! :D

Source: Facebook

[Performances] GD & TOP win on MCountdown!

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[MiniAlbum] Untouchable – Untouchable 3rd Mini Album

1. 단 한 사람 (Feat. Mellow) – Title Song
2. 잘해준 게 없어서 (Nice To Have Something)
3. 미안해 (D. Action Solo) (I’m Sorry)
4. The Way I Feel (Feat. 김현아)

Source: Falconchern2nd & Fredoommk
Genre: Rap / Ballad / Hip hop

[Remixes] 6 releases!

[MasaMixes Mashup] 2010 Part 2 (60 songs in one!)
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[MV] Untouchable – Who’s Hot

01. 작사/글 언터쳐블 | 작곡 Delly boi
02. 난리 브루스 [Below]
03. Hit Da Club
04. Feelin Good
05. Talk To Me
06. MC
07. I`m A Balla
08. Jiggy Get Down
09. Baby Girl
10. Makin Move Makin HOT
11. 멋진 꿈
12. Get Up

Source: Mardi @ Luminosity
Genre:  Rap / Pop / Hip Hop

[MV] Untouchable – Jiggy Get Down

Untouchable has done a complete 180 from their recent ballad tracks and instead have come back and a rap & hip hop group.

Source: Fredoommk
Genre: Rap / hip hop
Rating: *****