[Performances] 2NE1 Wins again on Inkigayo

I did miss two performance shows last week however- 2NE1 has won ever single one (that i’ve seen) since their comeback debut. This is their fifth win since their comeback and it’s not just one track that is winning it for them either. 2NE1 has been mixing up their songs each performance, giving a fresh outtake every time.

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[Performances] Music Core

BoA- Copy&Paste

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[Performances] 2NE1 Wins on Music Bank

2NE1 was ecstatic after winning last night’s Music Bank and put on an amazing encoure performance which pepped up the others to dance with them on stage. And if my eyes aren’t lying to me Big Bang’s G-dragon was there to support them<3 >.> then again it was probably my eyes… now i can’t find him.

Unfortunately SBS has teamed up with youtube and is attempting to delete everything which is not authorized. The audio is being cut out of several songs (as what happened yesterday if anyone was wondering) but curiously it is mainly happening to 2NE1.


Note: If you struggle watching, refresh your page!

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[Performance] 2NE1 Wins on Mcountdown

I’m excited this is our first post on WordPress for the performance shows. I love them and I think at the end of the week, the tag cloud is going to be hilarious. Anyway- shockingly 2NE1 won even though it was their first debut stage back. Enjoy~

Note: If you struggle with watching the performances, try to refresh.

2NE1- Winning stage

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