[Remix] K-POP Till the World Ends

This is too aewsome! :D

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[Performances] K.will, JQT, Park HyeKyung, and G.NA on KJE’s Chocolate

K.Will Ft. HyoRin – Amazed
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[Album] G.NA – Black & White

01. Black & White [Below]
02. 이제 그만 화 풀어요 (with 준범, 현규, 현석)
03. 처음 뵙겠습니다 (with Wheesung)
04. 벌써 보고 싶어
05. 첫눈에 한눈에 (feat. Verbal Jint)
06. 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 (Ill back off so you can live better ft. JunHyung)
07. 애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일 (If You Want A Lover / with Rain)
08. Supa Solo (feat. Swings)
09. Loving You
10. 소문났어요

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[Remixes] 6 releases!

[MasaMixes Mashup] 2010 Part 2 (60 songs in one!)
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[Single] Wheesung – Winter Night

01 You Are Not Alone
02 You Are Not Alone (Ft. Steve Barakatt)
03 You Are Not Alone (Fraktal Remix)
04 All I Want For Christmas Is You
05 All I Want For Christmas Is You
06 All I Want For Christmas Is You (East4A Remix)
07 All By Myself (Junjaman Remix)

Source: ihoneyjoo & FalconChern2nd
Genre: Ballad / Christmas

[OST] Dr. Champ

01. Bobby Kim – Fall In Love With You
02. Glass Box – 이런게 사랑일까
03. M To M – Perfect Your Love
04. 배다해 – My All
05. Wheesung – My Way [Below]
06. Suh Young Eun – 자꾸만 (I Keep)

Source: aasiianlove3 & Urnobody
Genre: Ballad

[Performances] 2NE1 Wins on Music Bank

2NE1 was ecstatic after winning last night’s Music Bank and put on an amazing encoure performance which pepped up the others to dance with them on stage. And if my eyes aren’t lying to me Big Bang’s G-dragon was there to support them<3 >.> then again it was probably my eyes… now i can’t find him.

Unfortunately SBS has teamed up with youtube and is attempting to delete everything which is not authorized. The audio is being cut out of several songs (as what happened yesterday if anyone was wondering) but curiously it is mainly happening to 2NE1.


Note: If you struggle watching, refresh your page!

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