[OST] My Princess pt. 2

01. Yoseob(Beast) – 그 사람을 아껴요 (Cherish That Person)
02. Dalmoon – 곰인형 (Bears)
03. Jiyoon(4minute) – 오아시스 (Oasis)
04. Ok Yo Han (Pia) – U.F.O
05. Carl Kanowsky & 문성남 – Young Princess
06. Every Single Day – 마음 (Heart)
07. Every Single Day – Falling (Original Ver.)

Source: gummybearstakeover05 & 909urnobody909

[HD Performances] IU Wins on Music Bank!

Majority of the videos are in HD this time, though the sad part is embedding has been disabled.. D; Anyway, it is still very worth the watch! please leave a comment saying which version you prefer (HD / Not HD) Thanks!

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[MV] Yoseob (BEAST) & Drama (Dalmatian) – First Snow and First Kiss

Source: Kyuleekpopmv
Genre: Ballad
Rating: *****