Our writers are the heart of Love[asia]music. Here is a bit about each one to get to know them.


iconAs one of the founders, Jae is currently in college studying graphic design. She first became interested in Japanese music when she heard the song Passion by Utada Hikaru and from there it gradually grew to different countries. Being synesthetic, music from other countries has fueled her imagination and reflected in her design work in a way American music never could. In the future she plans to possibly move to South Korea and study the language, but for now she gets a chance to practice her design abilities with Love[asia]music.


Jean’s passion for Japanese music started is 2005 when she grew tired of listening to American music and stole her brother’s mix CD, which contained songs such as “Shounen Heart”, “CHANCE!”,  and “Wings of Words”. This became the start of her addiction and she eventually branched out to other artists via anime. She first joined Love[Japan]Music in 2009 and became a founder of Love[asia]Music with Jae in 2010. Her current addictions now are Home Made Kazoku, TMR/ABS, Suga Shikao, Big Bang, Daichi Miura, Chemistry, and a million other artists. Currently in college, Her future plans are to graduate  and move to South Korea with Jae to teach English as a Second Language.


Soon-to-be college student, Josephine, from the Philippines, is a certified music and drama fanatic and also a black belt in taekwondo. She loves music both new and old from multiple different countries, as well as instrumentals. Having art as her interest and line of expertise, she dreams of getting a career related to Multimedia in the future. Currently, Sephine (as she wants to be called) focuses on her studies, but despite her many school-related activities, she chooses to still become a part of Love[asia]Music.

Become a writer for Love[asia]Music

Our purpose is to create and design an interesting asian music blog where users can conveniently find new music from different countries all in one place without searching through infinite websites and we are always looking for help. If you are interested in becoming a writer for Love[asia]Music please e-mail us(loveasiamusic@gmail.com) or leave a comment with the following information:

  1. Name & Contact information(such as skype or aim username)
  2. Brief paragraph about yourself & why you feel you are qualified
  3. If you currently write please state where & provide a link to the website.

15 Responses to Writers

  1. Hey :) It’s Leslie! (You have all of my accounts Jae :P) I made a blog account for wordpress :D You said that you wanted me to be a writer. ^^ I can do the twitter updates and I can do any translations that you need. XD You know everything about my writing experiences. I want to write for you! Get on skype when you get this.


  2. hello! remember me? I’m sephine from theO who mostly posts about dramas and philippine artists… just subscribed to your blog… I’m not sure if I can make posts like before but I’ll be gathering up some articles hoping they would contribute to this community…

    ~ sephine ~

    • Jae says:

      Hey Sephine! wtf you think i wouldn’t remember you/? xD <3
      T.T we definitely need help.. but we have changed a little bit. We dont cover dramas anymore but instead just do new music… stress the new on that… if you'd like to find new phillippine music that'd be cool. let me know if you're interested. <3 hope you're doing well!

  3. Asuha says:

    Lol guys, all of your names begin with ‘J’, coincidence? XD

  4. anon :3 says:

    If you’re always looking for more updates on Japanese music, at least, you can always refer to sonymusic’s page.


    Of course, you need a little bit of translation to get around but the top of this page always has the latest releases from Japanese artists at Sony:


    They update daily if there’s been any of their artists with new releases.

  5. anon :3 says:

    I have a question too.

    By “extreme Japanese pop,” do you mean anime/idol musicians? AKA people like Megumi Hayashibara, Megumi Nakajima, Mayn, even examples of like Aya Hirano or Yuko Goto, VOCALOID, etc. anime-inspired idols/cute Jpop idols, that include AKB48, etc etc?

    • Jean says:

      Yes, artists like them. I don’t listen to those types so it’s hard for me to get myself to write articles on them. I tend to cover everything in between the idol groups (I don’t even write on Johnny groups like Arashi, so if you’re interested on covering them, go ahead. ^^ and visual kei. My territory is usually artists like T.M. Revolution, UVERworld (normal rock), SID/SuG, Chemistry, Daichi Miura, and so on. :))

  6. Robert Evans says:

    Hi I have no idea if this is still going but I would love to help out although I’m not entirely sure what you guys would be looking for. I mean I listen to a lot of Asian music some big bands, some small. My favourite band in the world is toe so what sort of groups you looking for?

    • Jean says:

      Hehe, like the ad says, I’m looking for someone who wants to write on Japan’s visual kei, idol pop (like AKB), Chinese, and other asian countries. I want to say Korean, but Jae covers it although she’s out at the moment and there’s two other people who cover Korea in her place, although they write about once a week.

      We’re happy to have covers on both big and small artists, whatever you wish to write on, as long as it’s recent. ^0^

  7. Jae says:

    I want to sign up to be a writer too T.T pick me pick me

  8. Weeeee…. new writers!!!! I’ll try to help out with the japanese articles if I find some :D
    Hope their names start with “J” as well… :P

    LOL. Just kidding…

  9. Hey L.A.M.

    My name is Jason Williams. I am a writer, videographer, and music lover currently living in Maryland, USA. Though I am not currently writing for a music site, I have a passion for both music in general and Asian music in particular. I’ve been loosely connected to the industry in the past (ran jrock and super sentai panels at anime conventions from 2001-03) and could likewise contribute to a diverse blog such as this.

    Attached is my own wordpress account. If additional writing samples are needed, I can pass those along. Thanks for your consideration.



  10. Winona Peace says:

    My name is Winona, I’m a writer, and cinematographer.
    I’d love to help with articles on lives and interviews :D
    I have a few, if you’re interested right now n.n
    I live in Maryland, USA and wish to write for a music site such as yours (I have an amazing passion for Asian music–mainly Visual Kei)
    please met me know if you’d like my help n.n


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